Nurse Fuel

Nurse Fuel

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Sometimes the only thing keeping a nurse going through a rough shift is dark roast coffee. Heading to their 3/3 shift with the espresso americano. Pulling all nighters for their midterm with a mocha frappe. Coffee is known as fuel for the nurse’s soul. Cheers to the coffee bean for keeping nurses AAO x 3 and functioning until their caffeine intake is therapeutic. 

Keeping nurses awake and productive one pin at a time.

Product Details

  • Measures approximately 0.72 inch (w) x 1 (h) inch
  • High quality, hard enamel pin with black nickel plated metal
  • Backstamped with BTNS logo
  • 1 x Black Rubber Clutch Backing  
  • Original artwork designed by Tiffany // Beyond the Nurses’ Station  ©