Not a Superhero

Not a Superhero

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Within the last year many nurses have adopted the term “superhero” and so has society. Even with good intentions, claiming we are superheroes implies much more that us saving lives. It implies that we have no limits, put patients above ourselves, and sets unrealistic expectations that being a nurse is our identity. This pin represents being HUMAN before being a nurse. It means we experience burnout, trauma, stress, fear and we have limits. We need breaks, therapy, use PTO, FMLA, mental health and sick days. Although being a nurse is a superpower we ARE NOT superheroes. Just human beings who also have the ability to take care of others. 


Wearing our heart instead of capes one pin at a time. 

Product Details

  • Measures approximately 1.26 inch (w) x 1 (h) inch
  • High quality, hard enamel pin with black nickel plated metal
  • Backstamped with BTNS logo
  • 1 x Black Rubber Clutch Backing  
  • Original artwork designed by Tiffany // Beyond the Nurses’ Station  ©