Let the Beat Drop

Let the Beat Drop

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Have you ever had to push adenosine? Usually used for patients that have a continuous occurrence of SVT (paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia). Also known as the medication of “impending doom” because the medication drops the QRS, in hopes to regulating into a normal sinus rhythm. Hence the song “Let the Beat Gtt” featuring Adenosine. How does this relate to you? At any given time don’t forget to drop anything that no longer gives you purpose/happiness and pick up everything that does. 

Dropping beats and picking them back up one pin at a time.


  • Measures approximately 0.90 inch (w) x 1.5 (h) inch
  • High quality, hard enamel pin with black nickel plated metal
  • Backstamped with BTNS logo
  • 2 x Black Rubber Clutch Backing  
  • Original artwork designed by Tiffany // Beyond the Nurses’ Station  ©