Eu Melanin Mask

Eu Melanin Mask

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Melanin is responsible for the brown and black color that contributes to pigmentation.  Melanin comes in various shades and is the most primitive and universal pigment in humans. While a simple face mask can easily be donned and doffed, melanin is permanent. People of color face racism and discrimination. Unfortunately, colorism is another discrimination that BIPOC people have to face. Even though we have to wear mask, we will NOT be silenced. This pin was created for people of color to stand together and stand against all misrepresentation, prejudice and injustice that occur in and out of the community. 

Celebrating all shades of brown and black one pin at a time.

Product Details

  • Measures approximately 1.20 inch (w) x 0.70 (h) inch
  • High quality, hard enamel pin with gold plated metal
  • Backstamped with BTNS logo * (logo is reversed)
  • 1 x Black Rubber Clutch Backing  
  • Original artwork designed by Tiffany // Beyond the Nurses’ Station  ©