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There are hidden blessings in every struggle. Believe it or not we are all BLESSED. Why? Because we have our health, our ability to heal others, our career, education, living our purpose etc. Being blessed doesn’t mean everything is all happiness all the time. It’s the ability to appreciate the things we have even when everything doesn’t feel its going good. This pin was created so we all could stop focusing on how stressed our lives are and to remember how blessed we are.

Counting our blessings one pin at a time.

Product Details

  • Measures approximately 1.25 inch (w) x 0.52 (h) inch
  • High quality, hard enamel pin with rose gold plated metal
  • Backstamped with BTNS logo
  • 2 x Black Rubber Clutch Backing  
  • Original artwork designed by Tiffany // Beyond the Nurses’ Station  ©