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About Us

Beyond the Nurses' Station's primary concept is life beyond the healthcare role. Being able to live a balanced lifestyle between the two. The nurses' station is a place where not only nurses but ALL healthcare professionals come together. 
Beyond the Nurses’ Station (BTNS) is a female, black owned lifestyle brand that endorses diversity, strength and empowerment.
BTNS means living life unapologetically outside of the healthcare role. Our mission is to empower, motivate, and create a homeostatic lifestyle that supports healthcare professionals in and out of scrubs.
In December of 2018, the idea of BTNS was created by founder Tiffany, while she was in a transitional phase in her life and career.
She constantly battled with the thought that she had to fit in a box by being “just a nurse”. During these challenging times, she envisioned life (what it could be), if she not only continued following her dreams in healthcare but also pursue her passion for art and creativity.  To combine the two, Beyond the Nurses’ Station LLC was created in March of 2020.
Through art and various creative outlets, Tiffany saw BTNS as a way to inspire healthcare warriors to explore other visions and aspirations, beyond the nurses’ station. 
As a holistic resource, we emphasize with individuals as a whole, advocating for family, friends, career and business goals, wellness, creativity and more.
Our lifestyle values are  balance, creativity, empowerment, diversity, quality, growth, representation, spirit of adventure, perseverance, collaboration and passion.
 Tiffany also known as @nursetiffanyyy on instagram, is a cardiovascular intensive care unit nurse with various nursing experience from outpatient hemodialysis setting to a long term care facility. Before graduating from Drexel University in 2018, she was a licensed practical nurse since 2012 and prior to that becoming a certified nursing assistant in 2011.
Almost 8 years strong in the nursing game!
Outside of nursing and science, she enjoys all forms of art, craft, and creativity from digital designs, painting , DIYs, drawing, cooking, photography, music, movies, you name it!
She is a proud Jamaican that loves her culture, food, music, and most of all her people. She enjoys traveling and experiencing various cultures and traditions (fun fact: she wants to visit at least 10 Caribbean countries).
Her philosophy is “do everything you’re scared to do now because you’ll rather have lessons than regrets”.
She’s an advocate for Black Lives Matter and The BIPOC Project.
 As a self-care enthusiast, she indulges in various activities that helps her care for her mind, body and soul. This helps her recover and push through the various stressors, burnout and traumas.
She learned that you can’t pour from an empty coffee cup before your 3/3 shift in a row! 
Other activities she enjoys are, good times with friends and family, attempting to not be a plant killer aka “bad plant mom”, self made movie critic, amateur outside adventure, fitness newbie, random facts pantomath, and an appetite for deep conversation and challenging opinions.
Ultimately she wants healthcare professionals to work towards a life where they determine their happiness and take care of themselves… Beyond the Nurses’ Station.